revolutionizing the way people acquire knowledge

analytics4's goal is to inform, educate, and inspire the world of academia, business and government by providing a new digital data library for curating, sharing, displaying and interpreting collections of data. Bringing analytics to the masses.

Digital Data Library

analytics4 (a4) is building MyKA (my knowledge assistant), a new data platform that better matches the supply and demand of data. A scalable solution that makes collections of data available with no menu options, no formulae and no scripts. With MyKA students, researchers, current affairs readers, citizens, and business professionals have the power to find information in an instance. The initial market from a supply and demand point of view is huge:

+1m Government Open-Datasets

empowering citizens with government data

+2.5m Science Papers

democractising the access to science

+100 Data Publishers

easy to publish data that is better discoverable

+800m Citizens

accessing government information in a instance

+80m Students & Researchers

ability to find, use and share information

+20m Readers & Journalists

discover new data of interest whilst reading

2018 the data harvest begins

we start loading key statistics and datasets into the MyKA cloud.

The team behind the project

Clive S Ewerse


Mark Dempsey


Riduanur Rahman


Coming soon MyKA read, find & browse.

Faster, easier, better, more fun.

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about MyKA, the world's first cloud based digital data library. Instant data, Instant Information, Instant analytics.